Blockchain-Based Digital Asset, Play your life with NOA


NOA PLAY Platform aims to provide a metaverse platform based on NFT assets using blockchain technology, seek to maximize profits through NFT for NOA users, and reform the structure of a centralized and monopolized platform.

Metaverse platform based on NFT assets

Blockchain "NOA PLAY ECO-System" based on "Metahuman NFT" capable of secondary creation

- Cryptocurrency exchange and transaction guarantee based on tangible and intangible real economy
- AR-based NFT creation tool and ownership for secondary creation
- Participant rating management and reward system provided
- Provide real products and NFT sales based on live commerce
- Establish volumetric solution and filming site for metahuman NFT production
- High participation rate of franchisees and users and expand the scope of use of the real economy
- No third party intermediaries, anonymity and transparency guaranteed



NOA Play's NFT provides an editing mode that can be produced based on meta-human, and NFT-based content can be produced with various settings in AR mode. The user's participation also provides various seal functions, and rewards are paid according to the participant's activity.

NOA PLAY App to App Payment System

Building Metahuman Studio using Volumetric 3D SCAN

NOA established volumetric equipment and solutions for metahuman NFT production. In this way, it is possible to quickly and easily produce high-quality live-action 3D, and by applying NFT technology, it is possible to produce various contents and items.


"NOA PLAY" Live Shopping DApp

NOA plans to build an NFT creation and social platform for the development of NFT and the development of users. Through this, live commerce is provided to contribute to the formation of a healthy market, so that NFT products and various products can be sold and traded.


NOA PLAY Blockchain Platform System Structure

NOA PLAY Blockchain Platform




Token Distribution

token graph


Symbol NOA
Total issuance 1,000,000,000 NOA

Token Distribution Status (Stake)

Division Quantity Ratio
sales 260,000,000 26.0%
ecosystem 300,000,000 30.0%
operation 100,000,000 10.0%
team 100,000,000 10.0%
adviser 30,000,000 3.0%
partner 60,000,000 6.0%
marketing 150,000,000 15.0%

Team & Advisor


  • Bruno Ro CEO
    - DIAN COMPANY CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
    - Enterfly Game Business Head Manager
    - Entermate Game Operation Department General Director
    - IMT Works Online Game Marketing Department
    - Korea Institute of Construction Quality Management Data Processing Department

  • James Rhee CEO
    - Invest Mgmt & Advisory
    - Aristocrat, VP Asia BD
    - NetDragon, VP Corp Dev
    - The9, SnrDir BD
    - Buy-side Fund Manager & Sell-side MngDir, CFA
    - Attorney at Law (New York)

  • Thomas CTO
    - Developed several fintech services/solutions
    - Developed a blockchain platform service
    - Developed a security solution system
    - Blockchain & Fintech dev core platform

  • Evan, Byung-Bum Lee CFO
    - Point Networks Inc. /Director/CFO
    - Real Rental Co., Ltd./Management Team/CFO
    - Shinhan Metal Co., Ltd./Management Management Team/CFO
    - Accounting/Tax/Fund/Human Resources

  • Oliver, Development Dept. Blockchain Project
    -TRIX, AIC, VARC, ETT, RSCN, etc. white paper/development participation
    Money Brain
    -AI-based planning such as chatbot/artificial intelligence, voice/video synthesis
    -Evaluation member, Korea Information Society Agency
    -Selected on Google Awards education field
    -KEB Korea Exchange Bank ”Secondary Authentication“ Smart Security Planning/Development

  • Hirokawa Ken AD
    - VitualNext CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
    - M&MGames Overseas Business Director
    - Glitter Overseas Business Director
    - Mobcast Korea Business Director
    - EnterCrews Korea General Director
    - EnterCrews Japan Design Team Leader
    - GameYarou(GameHi Jpn) Design Team Leader

NOA PLAY Advisor

  • - Over 25 years of R&D experience
    - Blockchain exchanges, cryptocurrency, dApp and digital wallets
    - Founder of Committed Solutions

  • Steve H Yoo
    - Diamond advertising company marketing director
    - Hyundai broadcasting system - Hyundai motor company
    - Yonsei Univ

  • Hino Lam
    - Invest Mgmt & Advisory
    - SML Holdings (Fin Deal focused) - Goldman Sachs (sell-side research)
    - Bear Stearns (sell-side research)
    - Buy-side PE Dir & Sell-side Exec Dir

  • Jin ook Kim
    - Law Firm (Yuhan) Shinwon Representative Attorney - Director, Seoul Bar Association
    - Korea Blockchain Contents Association Advisory attorney


Road Map

  • 2021.

    - 3D scan patent registration

    - Build a 3D Volumetric Scan Studio

    - Metahuman system development

    - AR video production system construction

    - NOA Play Beta Release

  • 2022.

    - Ranking system development

    - NFT issuance and trading system development

    - Casting system development

    - Metabusking system development

    - World system development

    - NOA Shopping Development

  • 2023.

    - Partner service linkage

    - NOA Play Governance Configuration

    - Global service expansion